I’m going to be posting my fan fic on Wattpad soon. What do you think of the cover? 

I’m going to be posting my fan fic on Wattpad soon. What do you think of the cover? 

Anonymous: When will you update? :))

Soon. Just figuring out the proper plot/story line for Chapter 11 :)

Will miss seeing Ms. Serious and Mr. Goofball together. Hope they collaborate soon.  <3 Bye for now, #Philjess.

Anonymous: just asking..did you hear anyone wish phillip a belated happy birthday during the concert?

Well I shouted Happy Birthday haha. :) The fans sang to him during their mall tour last Sept. 20 and gave him gifts. :)

Anonymous: Did you get to watch the concert last night? Twas AMAAAZING! The crowd was so crazy. P.S. Chapter 11? :)

Yes, I was there. :) The crowd impressed me. I lost my voice due to excessive shouting and cheering. The glow sticks had a magical effect as well. Yes, writing Chapter 11 right now. :)

Anonymous: hola momma. when's the next chapter coming? very soon i hope? :)

Soon, babe <3 

Anonymous: Thank you so much for updating. It was an ah-may-zing chapter. Hope you'll have an update soon <3

Thank you :) Yes I will update soon! <3

Just want to say thank you to oxford-cmma for giving me suggestions regarding the plot of the fan fic. Your opinions are much appreciated. Thank you, love! 

Anonymous: RE: Why do you think that? :) Well, because when you were doing your thesis and being busy I believe that was hell week in dlsu. Lol. And when you posted the new chapter and updated your tumblr it was our "term break". Hahaha. I'm such a stalker. Creeped out yet?

Good observation! Haha. Not creeped out but impressed. :) “Our term break,” so you’re from DLSU as well. Hello!

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